-Do you want to improve your Photography?
-Tired of blurred pictures?
-Don't know what to do with your the new camera?
-The colors of my pictures look washed...What I am doing wrong?

In my Intermediate Digital Photography Workshop you will learn how to handle and solve these issues and many more. The classes are target to Digital Camera owners wanting to improve their knowledge of photography and take better pictures. With a maximum of six students per class, you will receive a high level of personal attention.

You will enjoy learning digital photography in a friendly set up, with full support to help you to achieve your goal: Taking Better Pictures!

The workshop will address the following topics


Learn how to use your camera beyond AUTO. Understand the operation of your DLSR to improve your photography. Topics include "depth-of-field", aperture, shutter speed, ISO, lens selection, use of flash.

Photographic Composition:

We will introduce concepts of composition theory, presenting several examples. You will learn how to make your pictures look better. A good picture will become an outstanding picture!

Hands-On & Practice

Bring your own photos to receive critique and orientation about exposure, composition, lighting, etc. In addition to that, we will have a couple of hours to take several indoors and outdoors shoots, so you can understand the techniques and receive full orientation "how to do it" in a personalized manner.

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Comments from some participants

- I learned a lot from the first workshop and now as I read more it makes sense.
- I really enjoy the class and the problem is now I want the new lens!
- Thanks to you. It was great indeed. I am excited about learning more!

Pictures from my workshops